NORASIST New Archives - March 1999

Barbara Parkinson and Ed Sawyer participated as judges in the Northeastern Ohio Science and Engineering Fair on 9 March as representatives of the Northern Ohio Chapter of ASIS. We looked at ten experiment out of several hundred that we felt to be in the Information Science area. Of the ten, we chose three that demonstrated project originality and outstanding knowledge of the project coupled with an excellent research methodology. Each of the three participants were aware of the limitations of their research and had ideas as to what could be done in the future.

We presented a first place certificate and a fifty dollar check from NORASIS to Andy Needham, an 8th grader, for his project entitled Artificial Intelligence: Reality or Science Fiction. His experiment consisted of a robot that he made from a kit. The robot carried photo voltaic cells to sense light. His experiment was to determine if the robot's memory improved with repetitive trials using variables such as obstacles constructed from transparent and opaque bottles. His understanding of the subject area was impressive; the work was his own with minimal technical support; and his notebook was well organized and very complete with the addition of a short history of Artificial Intelligence.

Certificates were presented to mark the accomplishments of two other students.

The first went to Tali Toltzis, a seventh grader, who developed an experiment based on her experiences in trying to teach her grandmother how to use a computer. She set up a series of tests for subjects of different age groups --teenagers, middle age, and older. These tests measured the subject's ability to use a mouse and to navigate a computer screen. This experiment demonstrated a high level of originality.

The third certificate was presented to Heather Wood, an eighth grader for her project entitled Spatial Learning and Long Term Memory in a Colony of Female Mus Musculus. Her experiment involved several methods to measure memory development in mice. Her project was well illustrated through the use of photos, drawings, and charts. Her methodology was impressive in terms of following the scientific method.
--Edmond J. Sawyer

March NORASIS Meeting
When: Tuesday, 23 March, 1999 from 6:00-9:00 p.m.
Where: Responsive Data Services, Inc., 23611 Chagrin Blvd., Suite 320, Beachwood

Responsive Data Services produces electronic information resources (online, CD-ROM and Internet) for use by public, academic and special libraries and by business professionals. Current databases include Business & Industry, TableBase, Business & Management Practices, and Contemporary Women's Issues.
A presentation will be made by Dick Harris, President of RDS. Mr. Harris was previously President of Predicasts, Executive Vice President at Cordura Publications, Senior Vice President at the Institute for Scientific Information, and served on the boards of Biological Abstracts and the National Federation of Abstracting and Indexing Services. He also served as a member of the US Committee for the UNESCO Program for Information and on the Advisory Committees at the Schools of Library and Information Science at Syracuse University and Kent State University.

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