NORASIST New Archives - February 1997


This year I have the privilege of serving as Chapter Chair of NORASIS and would like to thank all NORASIS members and officers for this opportunity. It has been a pleasure working with everyone involved with NORASIS including speakers and SLA program planners. This year we have a very supportive team of officers including Ruth Fenske, Donna Trivison, Marcia Zeng, Jean Piety, Jill Tatem and Penny O'Connor as well as a group of dedicated members serving on Program Planning and Nominating Committees. A special thanks to Penny O'Connor for her hard work and support of NORASIS.
--Rich Brhel


Penny O'Connor has agreed to chair the Nominating Committee for new officers for 1997. Anyone interested in becoming an officer should contact Penny, Diane Mogren at or Rich Brhel at so that you may be included in the list of nominees for officers. New officers will be nominated at the upcoming Annual Meeting. There will be several offices open this year including Chair-Elect, Assembly Representative, Archivist, Treasurer, Recording Secretary and Membership Secretary. NORASIS offices other than Chapter Chair and Chair-Elect serve for two years. The Chair-Elect is responsible for planning programs and automatically becomes the Chair the following year. Thanks to Penny and the Nominating Committee for taking on the important job of nominating officers. The Nominating Committee members are Penny O'Connor, Diane Mogren, and Richard Brhel.


The last NORASIS program was held November 14, 1996 at Notre Dame College of Ohio. The topic of the program was The School of Library and Information Science and the Future of Education for Information Professionals. The speaker was Danny Wallace, Dean of the School of Library and Information Science, Kent State University. Thank you Dr. Wallace for giving an informative and insightful presentation and for staying so long to answer our questions or discuss education and information science.

The Program Planning Committee (Ruth Fenske, Penny O'Connor, Erica Lilly, Marcia Zeng and Richard Brhel) met November 11, 1996 in Kent. Two programs are planned for Spring, 1997. The first program will be held March 27, 1997. This will be a joint meeting with the Cleveland Chapter of the Special Libraries Association and will be around the topic: Benefits of having a corporate Intranet and the multiple skills for a librarian to coordinate an Intranet. The second program is planned for May, 1997 and may also be our Annual Meeting. The topic of this program will cover problems with Web search engines and the responsibility information professionals have in dealing with inadequate Internet search tools.


All quarterly updates have been turned in to ASIS on time and we have recently received our yearly Chapter allotment. Nice job Barbara for taking care of those financial reports!


A decision on whether or not ASIS should host the NORASIS Web pages is being considered. ASIS has offered to provide space on its server to host chapter (or SIG) web pages. A discussion of this topic was held at the October 20, 1996 Chapter Assembly meeting in Baltimore. The Chapter Assembly meeting notes mention, "a significant advantage of using the ASIS server as the host, rather than a server at a member's organization, is that ASIS-hosted materials are indexed nightly and can be easily linked from elsewhere on ASIS." The ASIS webmaster has been contacted for more information. NORASIS webmaster Marcia Zeng currently hosts the NORASIS Web site at Kent State University.


Career Fair and Young Member's Night:
This event was held at the Great Lakes Science Center on Thursday, November 7, 1996 attended by 335 students (mostly high school) and over 30 teachers. The program was sponsored by Cleveland Technical Societies Council (CTSC) and the Cleveland Chapter of ASM International. NORASIS was among seventy-two exhibitor's representing 28 different displays. Thanks to Chair-Elect Ruth Fenske for attending the exhibit. Ruth was available in the afternoon to answer questions about NORASIS and provide information about Cleveland Public Library resources in Science and Technology.

Also attending this event was Chapter Chair Richard Brhel and CTSC representative Jean Piety and her husband John Piety. Jean, John and Richard attended the President's Reception which included a presentation by Richard Coyne, Director of the Great Lakes Science Center and CTSC Vision and Programs a presentation by Colin Drummond, CTSC President.
Science Fair

The Cleveland Engineering Society's Science Fair will be held March 4-6, 1997 at John Carroll. Every year NORASIS participates in this event by taking part in the judging of science projects.

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