August, 2003

the Northern Ohio Chapter, American Society for Information Science and Technology

Chapter Annual Meeting

Thursday, August 21, 2003 - 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.


The Strong Bindery in Cleveland's Little Italy neighborhood was host to the chapter annual meeting on Thursday August 21, 2003. Ellen Strong and Gene Epstein demonstrated fine book restoration. Strong is a former book dealer with a sense of humor and a patient, accommodating nature to go with her high standards. Clients of the bindery include universities, public libraries, book collectors, and individuals who want to preserve a family bible, cookbook or scrapbook. Every project has a human story behind it, from the water-soaked bible which survived a disastrous house fire to a valuable work by artist Miro which was embedded with glass shards when it fell.

Following the bindery visit, the group adjourned to Primo Vino restaurant for a family-style Italian dinner. We agreed that we were having too much fun to prolong the formal business meeting beyond the necessary elements. Steve Gallant presided. Marcia Zeng handled communication between the two tables.

NORASIST has a new slate of chapter officers for 2003-2004. The following slate proposed by the nominating committee was voted in by acclamation:

Chair: Ruth Fenske
Chair-Elect: Elizabeth Whippo-Cline
Treasurer: Barbara Parkinson
Assembly Representative: Erica Lilly
Membership Secretary: Rich Brhel
Recording Secretary: Penny O'Connor

NORASIST treasurer Barbara Parkinson reported we are solvent with a balance on hand of $1,143.13 as of August 1, 2003. Our major expense, other than meetings, is mailings. Our major income is from chapter rebates sent by ASIST headquarters. Meeting income was slightly lower than meeting expenses this year, but the treasury is $21. richer than last year.

NORASIST has 48 members this year, up six from last year, according to Membership Secretary Richard Brhel.

A list of the past year's programs served as a Program Committee report. Minutes of the chapter's July 25 planning meeting detailed program ideas for the coming year. These include: CyberInformation Institute at Kent State University, e-books, new trends in arrangement of library reference areas, PDA technology in libraries, a demonstration session devoted to new teaching and learning technologies, and a career program for students at the Kent State University School of Library and Information Science. There will be two joint programs with the Cleveland Chapter of the Special Libraries Association, including career night. Beth Cline, the new Chair-Elect, will work with chapter members to make these ideas into another successful year for NORASIST.

Reported by Penny O'Connor

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